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A Little About the Boots Smooth Skin PLUS

The Boots Smooth Skin PLUS intense pulsed light (IPL) hair removal system can be used at home and is a technology that is often used by estheticians. Like the name suggests, the intense pulsed light (IPL) used by the Boots Smooth Skin PLUS system produces intense lumination for a brief span of time, removing hair more quickly and affordably than laser hair removal.

Obviously, there may be some disagreement with respect to this claim, especially by those individuals or estheticians who use a laser for hair removal. Nevertheless, most people will admit that the results are closely comparable.

Use the Boots IPL Once a Week for a Period of Three Months

That being said, most users of the SmoothSkin PLUS appreciates this convenient way of removing hair. The Boots hair removal system, with its IPL process of hair elimination, guarantees to stop hair growth or slow it down considerably after using the hair remover once a week for a period of about three months.

The IPL Hair Removal System is Made for Women with Lighter Skin Tones

The way the IPL machine works is that it directs a pulse of intense light at hair follicles, which, in turn, also damages the roots of the hair. As a result, hair growth is slowed or stopped.

The Boots Smooth Skin kit is made for users with lighter skin and comes with a sensor so you can adjust the setting for your particular skin tone. The machine does not cause much discomfort, so users can use the device without too much worry that the hair removal process will be overly painful.

Boots Smooth Skin PLUS IPL Hair Removal Reviews

Users Found the IPL Hair Removal System Easy to Use

Upon initially using the Boots Smooth Skin PLUS kit, most users found that this IPL system was simple to use and really did not cause much, if any, discomfort.

While the machine is a little pricey, it is a good investment, especially if you are used to spending the money on waxes or other kinds of depilatories.

Some Suggestions by Users of the Product

You can use the Boots IPL hair removal system on your arm pits, bikini area, facial area, and legs. However, one user said if you use the system on a larger area, such as your legs, you will have to do so with some patience. Nonetheless, for the results you obtain, it is well worth taking your time.

Also, one user advised that you should make sure that you have additional gel activator on hand when using the device. You may have trouble finding the product if you happen to run out during the course of treatment.

Reviewers Positively Commented that the Boots IPL Hair Removal System Worked

Reviewers did comment that the Boots Smooth Skin PLUS hair removal system does indeed work and that hair growth stopped or was greatly minimized after the process. For fair-skinned or lighter skinned women, this is a highly recommended way to stop hair growth or remove hair.

The Only Complaint – Some Mild Discomfort

Some users did say there was some pain when using the device; however, most users concurred that the machine did not cause any unreasonable amount of discomfort.

Overall – Well Worth the Investment

All in all, if you need an IPL hair removal system that will reduce the amount of time you currently spend on hair removal, then, like most users and reviewers of the Boots Smooth Skin PLUS system, you will find that the kit, although a little expensive, is well worth the investment.

The Boots Smooth Skin iPulse is currently out of stock. However, you can check this newer model the SmoothSkin Extra IPL Permanent Hair Reduction System here.