IPL Hair Remover Device Permanent Painless Facial Body

Hair Removal System for Women IPL Hair Remover Device Permanent Painless Facial Body Profesional Hair Treatment Whole Body Home Use (White-Gold)

This Hair Removal Technology is designed specifically for individuals that have issues with unwanted hair growth in different parts of their body. Just by placing the device on your skin and pressing flash button to release certain amount of energy to the skin will solve this problem within a very short period of time. It is very portable therefore easy to carry with you to any destination of your choice.

  • FAST & EFFECTIVE HAIR REMOVAL – With this IPL hair removal system, the hair follicles began to shrink, hair growth slowed, hair was reduced by more than 75% after 8-12 weeks.And the hair becomes significantly less and thinner in 12 weeks treatment . And after 12 weeks, you don’t have to have regular treatment, just say goodbye to repeated hair loss.
  • CLINICALLY-PROVEN IPL TECHNOLOGY – The IPL hair removal system uses the same safe and clinically proven IPL (Strong Pulse Light) technology used by professional dermatologists and beauty salons. The principle is to emit a strong pulse and be absorbed by the hair follicle, thereby damaging the hair follicle and achieving permanent hair removal.
  • DOES NOT NEED CONSUMABLES –  Newly upgraded to 999,900 quartz tube flashes,safe use and long life. You will never need to buy a replacement cartridge for your hair removal device.Large LCD design makes it easier to see all data at a glance.And clear display of remaining number of times.
  • 5 ENERGY LEVELS & 2 FLASH MODES – It has 5 different energy levels to accommodate different skin sensitivities. Two flash modes design can satisfy your demands on different hair removal parts.The flash mode is mainly used for small area hair removal, such as bikini line, fingers, lips; and the slide mode can be used for large hair removal area, such as arms, legs, chest, stomach and back.
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR WOMEN & MEN – Enjoy professional-quality hair removal in the privacy and comfortable of your home.Please read instructions carefully before using and wear goggles when using light hair removal.If you have any questions,please feel free contact us,we will provide professional technology team to service for you.



1. Shave to remove hair on the surface and clean the residual hair

2.Clean the flash window and its glass with a cotton swab or dust-free cloth dipped in medical alcohol

3.Power device by plugging to power outlet, LCD screen will display ‘OFF’ to indicate powered successfully


Users can change from manual to auto and vice versa, Long press and hold launch button for 3 seconds when the device is powered on, the display will show ‘AUTO’ and the device is set to AUTO mode. Also do the same procedure when returning to manual mode. Use any mode of your choice to make the most out of the device



Hair removal effect will be much clearer after about 8-12 weeks of use. Manufacturer recommended use is once in every 3-5 days in a month according to skin situation, second month should be at least once every week, third month should be once in every 2 weeks and from fourth month should be once in a month to get and maintain actual and real effect.



Before performing any operation on the device, please carry out test on small area of skin 12 hours in advance to check for adverse reactions.

When using the product for the first time, select a small area of skin on inside of your arm for test. Test it respectively from low to high energy levels within your tolerance range (with 1-2 flashes in the same spot). In case there is red swollen, burn, change in hair follicle, tingling or any other discomfort on skin within 12 hours after flashing,

  • 1. Wear protective glasses when operating. You should not look directly at the flash window or flash it directly to eyes;
  • 2. After operation, it is normal to see mild redness on skin, cool with ice or wait until it naturally cools down;
  • 3. Do not spray alcohol directly on lighting lens area when cleaning the dirt or stain on glass of the lighting lens;




Removal of unwanted hair from your arm to bring out the shining skin. Men appreciate women that are smart and confident, and they can easily notice a woman that is confident and smart just by looking at her appearance and movement. Get this done from the comfort of your home

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Are you tired of constant shave of armpit hair? This device is your answer to a permanent hair removal. Let your man or woman enjoy the company of you by always want to be close to you because of your fresh and smooth beautiful armpit.


Hair growth on the upper lip does not look good on women, to avoid this kind of embarrassment women can now treat this issues with our hair removal device to look beautiful all the time. After treatment every woman is a winner because the face is one of the most attractive part of of a woman.


Hair growth on women leg makes them feel bad and lost confident because they can’t always wear what they want especially summer, with this IPL laser hair removal device women can get back their groove



This product applies to the removal of lip hair, armpit hair, limbs and body hair, forehead hair line and other hairs affecting appearance. Painless hair removal only applies to black hair and dark hairs, not white, gray or golden hairs. Please check the photo for comparison and details and see if your skin or hair color is a match before use.


5 levels of energy for users to chose which is best for their skin. Each level of this device release certain amount of energy to the skin for treatment of permanent hair removal in the body, the higher the level the better and effective and faster it get but so will endurance level too.


1.For’ their skin protection purposes, people with the following characteristics are not allowed to use the product:. Disturbances of skin sensation.

. local and systematic inflammation, allergic dermatitis,eczema or other skin diseases.

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Customer Reviews

Works pretty good. Doesnt remove all the hair but decreases the amount if used every week or two….
Reviewed in the United States on December 26, 2019
I love this hair remover system, it is pricey and tedious since you have to repeatedly do the treatments, but it is worth it especially considering the amount of money you’d spend getting it professionally done. I use this on my underarms and have already started seeing results within a month of using it (it’s suggested you use it once every 2 weeks but I do it once a week). It can be painful if you’re sensitive to pain (feels like a rubberband smacking your skin repeatedly) but you build up an endurance to it after a while. Overall I like the fact that I can do this in the comfort of my own home without having to have some random stranger do it for me.

nice product, save money
Reviewed in the United States on December 9, 2019
This is a great alternative to the expensive treatment from the beauty salon. I had purchase treatments from one of the beauty salon and cost me almost $200 for just facial hair removal for 7 treatment, and didn’t see any difference after 7treatment, so disappointed after that and never think of using any other stuff for removing hairs. this cutleries little machine came with great quality. since I receive this machine, I ve been use it for 6 times based on the instruction. and can tell there is a little difference. it does need a quick a bit more frequent treatments than a professional treatment from the salon fore sure, but it seems to be working great so far. there is nothing not to love about this device. this is really easy to use, straightforward with letting you know how many treatment you need to take, and option to simply slide and let the device deliver the treatment automatically. its so easy to use and so cost effective, it make no sense to purchase any expensive treatment from the beauty salon. I will recommend this to someone who really needs to hair removal treatment, but tight on budget.

Easy to remove your hair
Reviewed in the United States on January 9, 2020
My hair grows fast, which has been bothering me for a long time.I have tried many ways to decrease my hair. But most of them take a long time,bearing a lot of pain. And i must do it again and again. so I decided to buy a laser hair removal device to try. It is easy to use and very pain free.The size is perfect,and come with shaver and goggles. Now I can easily do it at home.I will share it for our friends. It’s good item.

Quick detection and flash
Reviewed in the United States on January 26, 2020
I have been using Lazer epilation for a while. I lost most of the my hair up to %90. I first tried one of the Phillips product. It was good but it run out of flash, I have to got rid of all machine and I have to look at another one. I tried another brand. It has removable head and if its flaches run out I can chance it. I also like its performance. I am still using it. I bought this one is a gift to my sister. I got rid of most of the hair but some hair in body stronger and takes time to loose them such as armpit. I already quit using for my legs. If you use it regularly and correctly it really works. If I am not able to get rid of remaining hairs with my current machine I will buy this one next time. I know machines are working but performance changes based on your hair features. Compared to my previous machines this one is smaller and easy to carry with you. This is really handy if you are traveling like me. The second thing is it has screen on it and shows you flash counts which is really useful. Neither my two machines have this property. The last and the most I love is it detects and flashes so fast. In general, you have to replace with 90 degree. Otherwise, it doesn’t flashes. It sometimes makes me crazy. If you’re applying to whole body it takes lots of time because machine’s head are small in general. When I tried this product it flashes so fast when you touch your skin. That makes to finish epilation faster.

Ethyl Klein
Gentle laser depilator that does not hurt the skin
Reviewed in the United States on February 29, 2020
As hairy westerners, the extra hair is the most disgusting.I’m always looking for a laser depilator that suits me. I’ve bought a few before, but I’ve put them on hold for a variety of reasons.You know that prickly sensation when your skin burns?I know.Because of repeated attempts to depilate and repeated irritation to the skin, my skin became very bad and fragile.So I had to carefully choose depilator, finally this time I found suitable for my laser depilator, it gently depilator, let me feel no tingling and burning.There was only a slight sensation of heat and the smell of burning hair, and I was surprised to find that it really made my hair disappear.It’s really amazing.Of course I will always use it.Until I get rid of my damn excess hair.Of course, it’s important to remember to wear glasses when using them, so as not to be hurt by the rays.

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