Philips Lumea SC1981/00 IPL Hair Removal System

Does The Alternative Shape Of The Philips Lumea SC1981/00 IPL Hair Removal System Lead To Great Results?

On first impressions the Philips Lumea Compact SC1981/00 IPL Hair Removal System seems fairly simple with its small body, treatment window and familiar promises of hair reduction.

This model promises versatility and ease of use with a slide and flash method for a more efficient session and the product description proudly states that there are approximately “88,000 UK women staying hair-free with Lumea” and that users will receive “over 75% reduction in hair regrowth in just eight weeks”.

Are real users seeing such dramatic changes with this SC1981/00 or is it other Philips IPL devices that are leading to this high satisfaction rating?

What advantages has this Philips Lumea IPL Hair Removal System offered for users looking for convenient, at-home hair removal?

The main thing that prospective buyers want to know about with these sorts of systems is the results that can be achieved and whether users really are able to stay hair-free from using such a simple-looking device.

The problem with user reviews on sites like Amazon is that they tend to talk about immediate benefits seen after a week or so rather than long-term benefits; however, there are a lot of hopeful buyers giving this Philips Lumea Compact SC1981 IPL Hair Removal System 5 stars for the performance so far and the chance of improvements to come.

Patience is required here but there are users seeing a noticeable difference in hair regrowth in just a few weeks. Also, it is important to remember that even though the results vary according to hair type and skin tone, many different users seem to be seeing some benefit with this model.

The promise is that there are five settings “for most skin tones and hair colours” and while there are exceptions to the rule, this wide scope is quite impressive when other devices can be so limiting.

Another area of interest in the positive reviews is the idea that Lumea have made some improvements to this model compared to some other options, which make it more enjoyable to use.

Many say that they have decreased the size and weight of the Philips Lumea device to make it easier to handle and that it can therefore reach all the required areas, such as bikini lines and underarms, and it appears to be a pain-free as normal. The only problem here is that while the designers have made some advantageous changes in some areas, there are aspects to the design that really annoy users and decrease the system’s overall appeal.

What are these odd design choices and what other downsides have been experienced with this Philips Lumea SC1981/00 IPL Hair Removal System?

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The size and weight are great here but this alternative design has meant that some of the lights and features have been moved around to an odd position and the treatment window is slightly smaller than on other models in the range.

Some have questioned the placement of the power button and light indicators in places that are not immediately visible but the biggest design issue is the fact that it has a short, 1.5m cable. Many users would prefer that it was cordless and rechargeable as this short length does not offer much freedom of movement.

One final issue to mention here is that some have highlighted the high cost of the product and questioned its worth, especially when there are not as much additional parts and accessories in the box. This is an expensive item so buyers were expecting more of a kit than just an appliance and had hoped that there would be some means of cleaning or storing it.

Summary: how do these flaws affect the final verdict on this Lumea SC1981/00 IPL System?

The cost of this device means that all benefits and flaws need to be considered before committing to it and also that it is worth reading the list of warnings and skin types very carefully beforehand to be sure that it will work.

The chances of some sort of positive result are good here because the machine promises to be beneficial on so many skin tones and buyer feedback is fair; the only problem is that users will have to work with an odd, corded design and have some patience to get the results they desire.

The true worth of the Philips hair removal ultimately depends on personal need and skin tone; it could be slow, frustrating progress for a little hair reduction or easily worth the cost and inconvenience for the reduction in the need to shave or wax.

You can check out more customer reviews about the Philips Lumea Compact SC1981/00 IPL Hair Removal System at Amazon here.

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