Philips Lumea SC2004/11 IPL Hair Removal System Review

Does The Cordless Philips SC2004/11 Lumea IPL Hair Removal System Live Up To The Lumea Range?

At first it is a little hard to tell what makes the Philips SC2004/11 Lumea IPL Hair Removal System so different to the other Lumea IPL models that the company have put out and, as per usual, it is more to do with one key difference in operation and a few minor tweaks here and there than any major overhaul of the design.

The minor tweaks are clear in the changes to the shape and the slightly pinkish hue; the key difference is the fact that it is cordless. This cordless model promises to offer the same great lifespan of previous Lumias with added convenience through five adjustable light energy settings as well as the basics of advanced salon IPL technology: is this enough to make this a new and improved model?

Features and Benefits of the Philips Lumea SC2004 IPL Hair Removal System

  • Salon IPL technology for home use
  • Over 75% reduction in hair regrowth in just eight weeks
  • For arms, legs, bikini area and underarms
  • 4 cm sq application window with slide and flash mode for faster application
  • Step and flash mode for precision treatment
  • Five settings – for most hair colours and skin tones
  • Cordless, no gels, lamps or accessories needed

What benefits have buyers enjoyed when using this Philips SC2004/11 Hair Removal System and is the switch to cordless worthwhile?

The cordless element to this device certainly has is perks. It promises to offer a “lifetime” of 100,000 flashes, eliminates extra costs because it doesn’t needs replacement lamps or gels, unlike other brands, and generally adds to the ease of use; however, this factor isn’t really mentioned by too many reviewers, meaning perhaps it is simply an expectation rather than a key selling point.

Elsewhere, there is positive feedback for a number of aspects of the design, as Philips Lumea SC2004/11 IPL Hair Removal System for Body is lightweight and comfortable to hold for long periods, which is crucial given the length of time of some of the treatments, and buyers also appreciate the versatility that means it can easily be used on legs, arms, bikini lines and underarms.

While it is worth noting that many reviewers are holding back on their final verdict on as they wait for the months to pass, there are positive signs of slow improvements and hair decreasing, limiting the need to shave. There are also mixed reviews about the length of time for an application; one full leg is meant to take 15 minutes, which isn’t too bad, and the “slide and flash” methods speeds things up but could be better.

Some users would say that it pays to take things slowly because the small. 4Cm treatment window makes things a little fiddly and users have found themselves going over the same area twice, which is not advised. Finally, there is the plus point of the lack of pain and discomfort because it may sting a little at first but it soon passes.

Are there any other downsides to this Philips Lumea Hair Removal besides the speed issue?

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The safety of these items is always a concern for buyers because of the long lists of forbidden skin and hair types and medical conditions and this list is just as long with this Philips IPL. The main problem here, however, is that there is a lot of talk about reading the instructions carefully and doing spot tests to be sure you are suitable, which is concerning because of the level of trial and error involved.

It may promise to be suitable for “most” skin tones and hair types but the need for these preliminary safety tests may be a concern to users expecting greater safety features. There is a feature in place to ensure that the device is fully in contact with skin before it fires its incredibly bright light to prevent eye damage but there seems to be a absence of a shut off feature on the wrong skin type.

In addition to these safety considerations, a few users have mentioned a couple of minor design flaws, like the fact that storage pouch doesn’t hold the device and the charger together, and others have made some suggestions like improved grip on the handle.

Summary: how does this Philips SC2004/11 Lumea compare to the range and is it recommendable?

The final decision for this model comes back down to those two important elements that separate this device from the range – the lack of a cord and the queries over safety. The latter is a concern but what is comforting here is that there are few other problems aside from some little design flaws and the safety can be assured with careful reading and spot tests – it is just the fact that these tests have to be carried out at all that will annoy many users.

This is definitely a device for the patient because of the reading material, small treatment window, charging time and the time taken to see the results; however, if patience is in your nature you should find little problem with this Philips hair removal because of the general ease of use and the results that can eventually be seen.

You can check out more customer reviews about the Philips Lumea SC2004/11 IPL Hair Removal System at Amazon here.

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