Remington i-Light Pro Face and Body IPL

Can The Remington i-Light Pro Face and Body Provide Painless Hair Removal All Over The Body?

Remington is a name that is familiar to many consumers looking for quality hair removal products so the Remington i-Light Pro Face and Body IPL Hair Removal System is sure to turn plenty of heads. With a special attachment for female facial hair below the cheekbone, this product seems to be more versatile than most and has a bulb with 65,000 flashes of IPL Propulse technology.

The promise here is for all-over hair removal with results that last 6 months. This is a big claim so can this device deliver?

What benefits have buyers seen when testing out this Remington Face and Body IPL Hair Removal Device?

An advantage that is mentioned in a lot of user reviews for this “sophisticated” Remington i-Light Pro Body & Face is the ease of use and the way that buyers can enjoy a full, beneficial session in their own bathrooms or bedrooms with minimal fuss.

The flashes are easy to administer, cover a fairly large area and there is a “multi-flash” mode to speed up the process even further. Also, it is a well-designed handheld device with a long cord and compact docking station.

The most important benefit, however, has to be the results that users are achieving on both their body hair and facial hair. There is talk of finer, slower regrowth of hair on legs, underarms and faces and some have been able to give up the tedious chore of plucking around their mouths and chins.

It can require patience, as some have said it takes a few weeks to see results, and it is also important to remember that some skin and hair types respond more favourably than others.

What problems have buyers experienced with this Remington i-Light Hair Removal Device?

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Remington i-Light Pro Face and Body IPL

The biggest concern for most consumers going into this purchase is the issue of pain: most hair removal products are not suitable for such delicate areas as faces so what makes this machine any better? There is some pain experienced but it has been described by some as “bearable” and there are varying intensity settings to minimise the sensation.

Other buyers have commented on the quality of the manual. Because of the versatility and purpose of the i-Light, buyers want reassurance that they are doing the right thing but the instructions are a little complicated for some.

Summary: how do these negative comments affect a recommendation for the Remington i-Light Pro?

The pain issue will always be in the back of many users’ mind and it is still a talking point with this device. The fact that so many have put up with pain or discomfort for the results achieved does, however, speak volumes – especially when these users still give the product a 5 star rating.

There are many positive points to this product and few negative ones; results achieved are always a gamble because of skin and hair types and the method of application but the noticeable difference in the hair growing back and the speed in which changes are seen is encouraging. If you are looking for a hair removal device for the entire body that is pretty easy to use and gets results, this Remington IPL hair removal could do the trick.

You can check out more customer reviews about the Remington i-Light Pro Face and Body at Amazon here.

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