Remington IPL6250 I-Light Essential Hair Removal Device

Can The Remington IPL6250 I-Light Hair Removal System Live Up To Its Vague Promises?

The Remington IPL6250 I-Light Hair Removal Device looks like a pretty standard product with its handheld device with treatment window, long cord to improve flexibility for use across the body and simple docking station.

This I-Light uses a ProPulse IPL system to zap short hairs for a more effective form of hair removal and has an Infinity light cartridge on-board so buyers never have to buy a replacement. Is this device able to offer the results and process customers are looking for?

What benefits have been seen while testing out this Remington IPL6250 I-Light?

There are two features with this Remington IPL6250 I-Light that instantly stand out to buyers looking for something fast and effective to rid them of their unwanted hair: there are five intensity levels to really attack stubborn hairs or hold back on sensitive areas and the window is said to be 50% than on previous models so is able to target a larger area.

The 5th level can be painful at first but it does the job and even though some users find that it is a still a little bit hit and miss to zap every hair systematically, it is certainly not difficult to use. Buyers have been using the device on many different areas of the body to determine its potential and while some are still undecided about its worth as an all-over device, others are complete satisfied with its performance on their bikini line, underarms and even some facial hair.

What disadvantages have buyers mentioned in their feedback for this Remington IPL6250 I-Light Hair Removal System?

In many ways, the initial product descriptions can be a little vague – for example saying that the area of use is ‘body’ and simply promising ‘permanent’ results’. This vague approach is problematic because, as many buyers have pointed out, this approach does not work on all skin and hair types.

Also, the word permanent is not true as those that have reported results in their reviews have seen the reduced regrowth and finer hair that should be expected with IPL rather than complete eradication.

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One additional, smaller issue that could be easily overlooked can be seen in the “customers also bought” section of the Amazon sales page. Many have been buying adapters to ensure that the product works in their region after being misled by the sales photos.

Summary: how does this negative feedback affect a final verdict on this Remington Hair Removal System?

There is the sense that if Remington had offered a few more details about this product and not cheated by just saying permanent results, it may actually have a few more positive reviews. If buyers are realistic about what an IPL device like this can achieve then they can be pretty happy with this product because great results have been seen with minimal fuss or pain.

Essentially, the problems lie more with the promotion of the product than the product itself here and the Remington IPL is actually pretty recommendable to these realistic buyers due to the intensity levels, ease of use and the quality of hair reduction.

You can check out more customer reviews about the Remington IPL6250 I-Light Essential Hair Removal Device at Amazon here.

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