Rio Salon Laser X60 Scanning Hair Remover Review

Rio Salon Laser X60 Scanning Hair Remover is a hair removal device designed with art state of the art technology to bring a hair salon right in your bathroom. The major concept applied by the Rio Salon Laser X60 in delivering maximum hair epilation process is the photothermolysis technology. This is the latest technology for convenient removal of extra hair.

Regular use of the device can help in elimination of unwanted hair on the facial, legs and armpits regions. Rio Salon Laser X 60 Scanning Hair Remover makes extraction of unnecessary hair fast and convenient. People characterized with hirsute armpits will find the laser suitable in elimination of these stubborn hairs.

The functioning of this Rio laser removal is complex, but very efficient. The unit functions on a platform supported by a technology called single color wavelength principle. Light rays with wavelength ranging from 600 to 100 nanometers are produced by the device that aims at some hair clusters located at different parts of the skin holding pigment known as melanin.

The skin is invulnerable to destruction by light but the dark melanin is susceptible to destruction by light. The laser beams produces some heat energy that is directed towards the hair follicle. Papilla cells of the hair follicle are destroyed by the light making them unviable for supporting hair development. This offers a permanent solution in control of unwanted hair.

Rio Salon Laser X60 Features and Specifications

  • Clinically proven permanent hair reduction by destroying hair roots without affecting the surrounding area
  • Three treatment modes, one treats individual hairs, the others scan larger areas treating up to 60 hairs in a few seconds
  • Suitable for facial hair, legs, arms, underarm and bikini line
  • Approved for home use
  • A DVD how- to guide, complete instructions guide and an adapter.
  • Not suitable for Afro-Caribbean and black skin complexions or grey hair


Rio Salon Laser X60 Scanning Hair Removal Reviews

Many reviewers have expressed satisfaction with using this Rio laser hair removal. Some are reporting that after using the device for a period of about 8 weeks, they were able to experience permanent reduction of hair. Unlike the former varieties, you only require reduced shaving frequency.

Some users have reported that this home laser hair removal device is a bit of painful, although it is effective. Some of them have cited the slow rate of the shaving by the machine as the reason why they had to take it back. Shaving just a single leg was taking too long; therefore, compelling some of the clients to take the units back.

Others have also cited getting hot of the device as another weakness. The Rio hair removal is slow and hence you will have to take a long time to get all your hairs removed.

Although the Rio Laser X60 is effective on some people, people with dark colored skin are unsuited to use the device. They have been experiencing high levels of skin irritation.

Other reviewers have found the DVD guide useful. After shaving, it is guiding you on how to use the gel to eliminate generation of new follicle cells. However, you will have to treat same area a number of times before you are finally capable of controlling hair regeneration.

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