Silk’n Silkn Glide 30K IPL Hair Remover

Is The Silk’n Glide Permanent Hair Removal Device As User-Friendly And Effective As It Sounds?

There are two important points that stand out instantly in the specification for the Silk’n Glide Permanent Hair Removal Device: versatility and safety. This small, lightweight device with its “home pulsed light technology” has included a 3cm2 treatment window and 5 different energy levels for an effective performance on most body parts but the designers have also considered the impact of this light on the user and added a skin colour sensor to protect those with darker skin tones.

This seems like a very user-friendly approach to IPL treatments but does the design lead to a great result?

Benefits and Features of the Silk’n Glide Permanent Hair Removal System

  • IPL 30.000 Shots
  • Clinically Proven The Home Pulsed Light technology (HPLTM)
  • 3cm² treatment surface
  • Built-in skin color sensor
  • 5 levels of energy

What benefits have buyers enjoyed when using this Silk’n Glide Permanent Hair Removal Device at home?

One of the frequently mentioned advantages with this device is the speed involved. Not only is this a simple, at-home alternative to going to the salon, the sessions are pretty short and one buyer reported being able to do her underarms in just five minutes.

Some attribute this speed to the fact that there is no need to go over any areas a second time and you can make quick, efficient progress down a leg or along an arm.

The product description for the device mentions the design of the inset treatment window as another safety feature but the slight mark that this ring makes on the skin means there is no need to overlap on treated and untreated areas.

In addition to being fast, this Silk’n Hair Removal is also pretty effective on a range of body parts and buyers say they are just as happy to use it on more sensitive areas like bikini zones and facial hair as their arms and legs. Overall, the device seems to fulfil its short term aims of hair removal pretty well, it is just the long term aims where some questions have been raised.

Why are some buyers less then satisfied with the Silk’n Glide 30K IPL Hair Remover’s performance over time?

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Like many hair removal products with an IPL source, the main effect is to slow the regrowth of hair and give a better appearance with time, rather than provide fast, complete hair removal.

This is one of those “time will tell” products and this uncertainty over future effects has caused some reviewers to knock a star off of the final rating. At the time of writing, most were happy with the initial performance but there are some concerns about how long it will take to see the dramatic reductions hoped for.

Summary: is this Silk’n 30K IPL Hair Remover still recommendable with these drawbacks?

There is no getting away from the fact that this machine means slow progress for that desired result and the final endorsement has to come down to the performance and capabilities of the machine at the time of use, rather than the potential results in a couple of months time.

The reason why this machine is still a good purchase is the way that it provides an alternative to salon treatments in a safe, convenient way. It may take a while to see the true benefits but the speed of the treatments and the design of the treatment window make enough of a difference for the Silk’n IPL Hair Removal to be recommendable.

You can check out more customer reviews about the Silk’n Glide Permanent Hair Removal Device at Amazon here.

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