SmoothSkin Gold Permanent Hair Reduction Review

Is The SmoothSkin Gold Permanent IPL Hair Reduction As Fast And Powerful As Advertised?

The shape of the SmoothSkin Gold Permanent Hair Reduction System (see lowest price) may make it slightly different to some other IPL devices but the purpose and general features are pretty much the same – a cartridge full of flashes (120,000 this time), a treatment window and some simple controls, all with the aim of providing long lasting hair reduction with ease.

Because this product calls itself the “fastest and most powerful at home IPL hair removal device on the market”, there is a lot to suggest that it is setting itself up for a fall, especially if buyers do not get the hair reduction results that they were after. Is this device able to do everything that it promises to do or are there some disappointed buyers left wanting more?

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What benefits have been seen by users testing out this SmoothSkin Gold IPL device in their own homes?

Let’s start with that idea of this being the fastest IPL device around and, more specifically, the claim of a full body treatment in just 20 minutes. The speed partly comes from the way that the device determines the pulse required by itself – you simply place it on the skin and let it do its thing. This ease of use and lack of complicated planning means that a leg can be covered in a short space of time and the whole process is pretty straightforward.

An additional bonus here is that slightly different shape to the body of the device and the angle of the window because it does make it more ergonomic and pleasurable to hold for the whole session.

As for the power, while there is an intensity to the flashes and a deliberate, reliable action to the “Detect and Set” delivery of the intelligent ipulses, there is also a gentle side to the SmoothSkin Gold IPL Hair Reduction that makes it suitable for use on more sensitive areas, and users.

There are five modes including this “gentle mode” and this means use on bikini lines and facial hair and minimal discomfort; there are slight twinges and stings depending on tolerance levels but nothing too bad.

This of course leads to the results that buyers have seen. There is the sales claim that this product is clinically proven to offer permanent hair reduction for 94% of users and while this is hard to justify based on a few online testimonials there are definitely plenty of positive comments about the changes seen and the speed in which even slight reduction is seen.

The realistic aim for user is reduction by 12 weeks and some are reporting decent changes before this, such as 80% on lower legs in 5 weeks” while some are waiting a little longer. In the end, all skin care and hair removal treatments vary from user to user.

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Are there any problems seen by users of this SmoothSkin IPL Hair Reduction system?

The speed is there and the effectiveness of the powerful flashes and intensity setting is there so the question that remains is why this product only has a rating of 4.2 out of 5 on In some cases marks will be reduced because users have only been using it for a short space of time but there are other criticisms about the design that need to be addressed.

The light produced is bright, as you would expect from this powerful model, so some buyers wish that googles were included for working on facial hair. Others have complained about the lead because it is a little short for a small handheld model used across the body and there are plenty of other brands that have successfully gone cordless.

Summary: is this SmoothSkin Hair Reduction device still recommendable with this feedback in mind?

There are measures that the company could take to improve upon this model in the future to make it even more user-friendly – making it cordless for a start – but the small annoyances of the design and the slight stings that might be felt on higher settings all seem to be worth putting up with for the results achieved and the way that the product tries to live up to that bold sales claim.

The SmoothSkin hair removal system is fast in the way that it works with ease across the whole body, it does have the range of power settings to suit different users and purposes and it does all of this in a way that ensures noticeable results in hair reduction in a decent timeframe.

You can find more customer reviews about the SmoothSkin Gold Permanent Hair Reduction on Amazon here.

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