The CBD Lip Treatment That’s Sparking Joy During Social-Distancing

Back at the office—that far-away, wonderful place I last spent a full week at during the month of February—I have a drawer of pens, Sharpies, under-eye creams, aromatherapy roll-ons and lip products that sit to the right of my desk.

The drawer serves a couple of purposes: When I’m stressed, I like to organize it so everything is lined up perfectly (I’m pretty sure my coworkers can hear the calling card of the opening and closing of the drawer and take cover); during every other hour, I just like to take a second to give myself a break and use the beauty products.

It all sounds very simple, but I’ve been missing the drawer desperately as I’ve set up shop in my 400-square-foot studio apartment over the past couple of weeks. I have a pretty good desk-laptop-phone station going on over here—yet something was missing, and the luxury of having a lot of space was not on my side.

Enter Hora Lip Shade + CBD. It’s a lip treatment-meets-CBD product-meets-a-pop-of-color that came across my makeshift at-home setup two weeks ago. As the brand shared, they bumped up the “soft launch” a bit to release its Sand Storm shade and, in my selfishly personal opinion, it could not have come at a more perfect time. The product is hydrating, delivers a bit of peppermint zing and makes it feel like you’re taking care of yourself even when you haven’t applied a drop of makeup in a month (or more). Plus, the brand has some solid CBD studies to back it—enough so that even the biggest skeptics might become believers.

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Our new Lip Shade + CBD is packed with active Super Ingredients to give your lips the ultimate hydration they crave! 👄⠀ ⠀ ✨ Castor Oil⠀ ✨ Olive Oil⠀ ✨ Avocado Oil⠀ ✨ Peppermint Oil⠀ ✨ Vitamin E⠀ ✨ CBD⠀ ⠀ Available now at

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Best of all, it sparked a next-to-my-desk initiative where I can keep the tube and a couple of pens close for some semblance of normalcy. Because that’s all everyone wants right now.

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